About the manager...
Diana Perez Jucal runs the Advance Home Care Services
since its founding in 1999.  As a hardworking nurse, Diana
dedicated her life  to her career giving the best to satisfy the
desire to make all patients and clients comfortable and
happy.  Her strong personality and determination gave her
the courage and vision to establish this company.

Diana was raised and trained by her parents to be strong
and focused.  In her early age, exposure to family business
gave necessary knowledge and wisdom to prepare herself
later in life.

Working as a nurse since 1990 in various health care
facilities in Southern California, Diana accumulated
tremendous knowledge and experience in caregiving - such
as acute, sub-acute, hospice, pediatrics, psychiatric, and
home care services.

Diana has a Bachelors degree in Commerce - major in
accounting and 3 years Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Advance Home Care Services, Inc.
Better Business Bureau Member